A store one of a kind

Between wood and plants, gold and transparency, jewellery and handbags…

As a first article to this blog, I wanted to tell you about La Lueur de l’Aube, 77 rue du Cherche Midi in Paris. This is the store’s adress where you can find my handbags…but not only.

When I started to create my first handbags in 2014, I shared pop up stores with some of my designer friends, among which Makiko Akiyama, japanese designer of high-end jewellery. 4 years of friendship and professional bond !

In the beginning of 2016, Makiko wanted to open her own store and started to search for a workshop/store in Paris to make and sell her jewellery, on the right bank of Paris.

Around the same time, another designer – a shoe designer – told me that she was selling her store. I immediately told Makiko and encouraged her to visit the shop, which was ideally located at 77 rue du Cherche Midi.

It was love at first sight for Makiko. However, she found the store somewhat too big for her and proposed to share it with me.

Makiko ended up buying the place. After 2 years of renovation, the place looks wonderful, with a workshop area where she can create her jewellery. La Lueur de l’Aube was inaugurated in September 2016.

Urban jungle decoration, dark green walls, wooden shelves and suspended plants…

Push the door to La Lueur de l’Aube for a tropical bohemian univers right in the heart of Paris, 77 rue du Cherche Midi.

Opened on :

Monday : 14h00 – 19h30

Tuesday to Saturday : 11h – 19h30

Sunday: closed

Phone 0986250866

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