Ethical leathers

How do I choose my leathers ?

This is a question that I’ve been asked a lot. Actually, several criteria are taken into account. Usually, the design leads me into knowing what leather to use. By drawing my futur handbag, I imagin it and then I think about what kind of leather could best fit that design. Every design is a new adventure and the leather used for it is what makes it unique.

Sometimes, I find a new type of leather and I tell myself : « I must have this one ! ». A fun color, a smooth and soft leather, a metallic leather, a nice feeling to the touch…and I instantly fall in love.

The « season effect » also inspires me, especially when it comes to colors : burgundy, dark green or blue for autumn and winter, and flashy colors like light green, turquoise or yellow for summer.

However, whatever leather I choose, the most important criteria is quality, non-negotiable ! And I mean quality in every sense of the word. Noble leathers of course but also ethical and responsible. I pay great attention to the origins of my material. They are treated in Paris and I only work with workshops that purchase leathers in small quantity and in a responsible way.

When my designs are about to be put together, I always get so excited. I have samples of leathers all over my office, that I combine, uncombine…especially for my bags with two kinds of leathers. I combine colors but also fabrics, and I usually take a few days to think and either keep what I’ve combined or try something else depending on the ideas that come to mind. Anyway, there is nothing more exciting than seeing my bags being created piece by piece !

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