Mini leather goods, maxi effect !

Some of my clients were asking me why I did not make small leather goods in addition to my handbags. I have thought about it and found an idea : as I never make 2 bags out of the same leather piece (they are all unique products), I have decided to use the leftover leather from the bags to make cardholders. Perfect idea as I hate wasting, especially when it comes to noble leathers. Like my handbags, they are handmade in a parisian workshop.

To protect a credit cart, an ID, business cards, bills or metro tickets… the cardholders exist in lamb leather, smooth calfskin, velvet calfskin, metallic leather, and close simply by pressing a small button. They are all doubled by a black leather (lamb) interior for a luxurious effect.

Red, yellow, green, golden color… Classic in grey, black or brown… many colors are available, for women and men, for all tastes and ages. A perfect Christmas gift for you or others !

Come and check them out at La Lueur de l’Aube, 77 rue du Cherche Midi, Paris 6ème. 

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