The inspiring fashion visionnary KoshKa Mashka

Today I want to tell you about my friend Mari, fashion designer and creator of the french brand KoshKa Mashka. Everything about her style and brand inspires me : the colors she chooses, the materials she uses, her perfect cuts and finishing topped with a Lurex golden thread… She is a visionary and poetic designer : Mari is always one step ahead of new trends !

Mari, with her armenian origins, brings sunshine in your wardrobes. My own wardrobe is full of her unique creations. I always tell she is the hidden sister of Karl Lagerfeld… Her unique designs are handmade in her own parisian workshop. At KoshKa Masha, there are only made in Paris limited collections.

What also inspires me, are her combination of colors, which always go together and make up her unique style.

When discussing about our collections, we often talk about our projects and shared passion for luxury and fashion. Our love for high-end products is what makes our brands chic and timeless…and complementary !

Actually, you will notice that when I post a picture of one of my bags on my website, Instagram or Facebook,  the model usually wears Koshka Mashka clothing.

KoshKa Mashka embodies the parisian style. To me, this brand is sure value.

If you don’t know her yet, visit her store :

Koshka Mashka, 36, rue de Poitou, Paris 3ème. +33(0)950488585

Métro : Saint-Sébastien Froissart

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